We Are Cheesy! Come for the food, return for the 'tude at Carl's Corner

About Us

Carl’s Corner has been a hometown favorite for nearly 30 years. Originally, Carl and Betsy Souders opened J’s Steaks and Subs in 1991. In 1996, Carl decided to do it “his way” and call this local Bethlehem joint, “Carl’s Corner!” Since then, they’ve been known for serving up the best cheesesteaks and sandwiches with friendly banter and a bang for your buck. When Betsy spoke of retiring in 2017, Matt and Cindy Weintraub knew they couldn’t let their favorite eatery close, (specifically a favorite of their autistic son David) so they bought it, and kept the staff! This staple of Bethlehem is thriving, and the team hustles daily to continue the tradition and keep the well-oiled machine running.

The new owners whole-heartedly believe in giving back to their community. Matt and Cindy donate to many charities; support good students, first responders, and veterans; and participate in community fundraisers. Once in a while, they will host a “Special Needs Sunday”—inspired by David—designed to offer individuals with special needs a warm, inviting, relaxed social experience with fellow peers and families.

For some of the best local food in Bethlehem, PA, visit Carl’s Corner. You’ll want to come back again and again, and soon enough, they’ll know you by name!

What makes us different?

Rave Reviews

Moravian College students, Bethlehem area businesses, and families all love Carl’s Corner!

If you haven’t tried their food you are missing out!

The BEST steak sandwiches in town!!! We are opening a real estate office around the corner, and they have received plenty of business from us and our contractors while working through the days and nights! One of our realtors on our team tried it also and makes sure to stop in on his way to our meetings every week. If you haven’t tried their food you are missing out!

Maryann Liles

I’m mad at myself for not going years ago!

Have lived next to this place for almost 4 years just stopped in there today. My wife and I decided to try it. She got a cheesesteak and fries and I got an Italian hoagie. I just have to say, I’m mad at myself for not going years ago! One of the best cheesesteaks we have ever eaten and the Italian hoagie was super fresh.

Bryan Husted

A sandwich or meal for anyone who has a mouth.

Great bread is the foundation of a deep sandwich unlike any you’ll get handed from Wawa. Just satisfying, you know what I mean? Great diversity, a sandwich or meal for anyone who has a mouth. Worth the trip.

Andrew Thorn